Hello everyone! I can’t believe that the holidays are just around the corner. Has anyone started doing any of their holiday shopping yet? Well, I always wait until the last minute but this year I plan to start early. In this post I wanted to share a few of my Chanel favorites that I think will make fantastic gifts. First, I wanted to say that I’m obsessed with the Chanel nail polish and this ‘pirate’ color in particular. I also really love their amazing eye shadows which are manufactured by a process exclusive to Chanel. I also love their lip glosses and lipsticks. I tend to wear the gloss at work because I don’t wear much makeup in my dental office. But the weekends are another story and I love wearing a nice pop of color. Last, but not least, I love how their excellent mascaras define my eyelashes.  I hope you guys like this review of products. Thanks for stopping by!

Nail polish……Chanel

Nail polish…..Chanel

Eye shadow…..Chanel


Lip gloss…..Chanel

Lip gloss…..Chanel

Mascara base…..Chanel